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Grow Asia

Digital Learning Series

The Grow Asia Digital Learning Series brings together corporate leaders, AgriTech startups and ecosystem enablers to learn about emerging technologies and uncover opportunities for scalable, impactful digital solutions that could be adopted by smallholder farmers in ASEAN.

In 2020, we ran four webinars covering topics including Logistics Tech, Smallholder AgriTech Business Models, and reaching out to farmers using chat apps. In 2021, we will continue to explore more topics and share more bite-sized content following our events. More details on the series can be found in the following website:

Session 3

Carbon Markets for 
Smallholder Farmers

It has been estimated that agriculture contributes around 20-25% of global GHG emissions. In developed markets like the US and Australia, carbon markets are being deployed to incentivize farmers to employ regenerative practices that rebuild soil organic matter, thereby storing more carbon from the atmosphere in their soils. Companies wanting to offset emissions can pay farmers to sequester carbon on their land. Some of the challenges facing farmers in developed markets include the high cost of converting to regenerative practices and the difficulties in measuring and reporting the changing carbon content of their soils.


The promise of ‘carbon farming’ is potentially even more compelling for smallholder farmers in regions like Southeast Asia, which faces significant climate change risks. Smallholder farmers globally are on the frontlines of climate change and are less likely to have the resources to manage and adapt to it. Smallholder farmers also stand to benefit from the additional income, benefits of diversifying their income, and increasing their crops’ productivity through better soil management etc 


The challenge ahead is: how can we provide access to carbon markets for the benefit of smallholder farmers? What lessons can be learnt from developed markets and other regions? What tools for monitoring, platforms, or practices have to be developed or scaled to create a conducive enabling environment for smallholder adoption? Through this session, we aim to spark a discussion on the possibilities of including smallholder farmers in climate action through carbon markets in Southeast Asia.


Rabobank will provide an overview of the dimensions of the opportunity and market, and showcase their relevant projects. The startups will highlight compelling technologies that can be used and an investor could share their perspective on overall developments in financing of carbon farming and where they see funding is likely to flow.


15 November 2021


5:00 pm to 6:15 pm (GMT+08:00)


Zoom Webinar

Our Speakers

Jelmer van de Mortel

Innovation Lead Wholesale and Rural and Head of Acorn, Rabobank

Dr. Oleg Demidov

Founder and CEO, CarbonSpace

Name of Speaker

Yara/Agoro Carbon Alliance

Name of Speaker








15 Min

Start Webinar

5:00 PM

5 Min

Welcome, Agenda and Housekeeping

Adam Lyle
Executive Chairman, Padang & Co


Wei-Li Woo
Lead, Innovation, Grow Asia

5:05 PM

10 Min

Guest Sharing - Speaker 1

5:15 PM

10 Min

Guest Sharing - Speaker 2

5:25 PM

30 Min

Panel Discussion

5:55 PM

15 Min


6:10 PM

5 Min

Wrap Up

6:15 PM




Grow Asia

Digital Learning Series

The Grow Asia Digital Program brings together business leaders, development actors, policymakers and AgriTech startups to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies for smallholder farmers in ASEAN. These technologies afford farmers better access to information, markets, credit and inputs, resulting in higher productivity and profitability - but at present, only about 2.5% of farmers in ASEAN are active users of these technologies. The program has four objectives which drive greater adoption:


Improve the performance of existing solution providers


Motivate corporate leaders to adopt solutions in their business (by educating, inspiring and connecting them)


Generate more financial investments into solutions


Increase the number of solutions by encouraging more entrepreneurs to build agritech startups

The program includes six complementary activities: Digital Learning Series, Digital Directory, Digital Guides, Innovation Challenge, Digital ASEAN Program and Human-Centred Design Training.

Padang & Co is the Open Innovation company that catalyses innovation with large corporations, government, startups, and communities to solve big problems and develop opportunities. We nurture communities of interest, and match technology startups with corporations to co-create solutions in ways that are faster and more agile. In doing so, we drive sustainable growth and create a positive impact on people, planet, and prosperity.

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