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The Agricultural Intersection: Understanding Climate-smart, Regenerative and Nature-based Solutions

The IPCC’s April 2022 report highlighted that while 22% of total greenhouse gas emissions in 2019 came from agriculture, forestry and other land use, sustainable agriculture and protecting existing forests offer substantial potential for reducing net emissions by 2030. It is clear that the intersection of climate, nature and agriculture has never been more important. There is increasing awareness that practices referred to as ‘climate-smart’ or ‘regenerative’ are needed for farmers to build sustainable and resilient food systems. Yet, these terms lack precise definitions based on clearly agreed upon frameworks. 


In this Digital Learning Series webinar, Grow Asia convened a diverse panel of experts to discuss climate-smart, regenerative, and nature-based solutions, including the utility and context of these terms. We contextualized different regional experiences in order to understand the implications for Southeast Asia, and to share action-oriented signposts to help us better understand these (sometimes) confusing terms.

Our Speakers


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