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Drones and Digital Integrated Pest Management

Bringing together the ASEAN Action Plan on Fall Armyworm and the Grow Asia Digital Learning Series, this webinar aims to spark discussions on the role that drones and digital Integrated Pest Management (IPM) technologies and solutions can play in supporting farmers across Southeast Asia.

In this webinar, our diverse panel of speakers from the private sector and academia will discuss the potential of drones and digital IPM solutions to support smallholder farmers to improve plant health, monitor and manage plant pests, weeds and diseases. The FAO has defined IPM as the “careful consideration of all available pest control techniques and subsequent integration of appropriate measures that discourage the development of pest populations and keep pesticides and other interventions to levels that are economically justified and reduce or minimize risks to human health and the environment”.

Questions to be addressed in this webinar include:

  • How can drones and digital IPM provide holistic solutions to smallholder farmers?

  • What are some of the current barriers to scaling up the use of drones and digital IPM in Southeast Asia?

  • What business models can enable smallholders to access drones and digital IPM to support their transition to more sustainable farming practices?

  • How can drones deliver effective biocontrol solutions to address plant pests and diseases?

  • What are some of the gaps in designing digital solutions for smallholder farmers?

Our Speakers



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