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Past Webinar

Logistics Tech and Lessons for the Agriculture Industry



15 December 2020



(GMT +8)



The Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that up to a third of all food produced is wasted. More importantly, half of this wasted food occurs post-harvest, before the crops are even processed. Transport infrastructure, digitalisation, education, marketplace economics, and crop technology, are all key components of the logistic chain whose gaps have led to widespread crop losses. While much effort has been focused on developing faster growing crops, better fertilizers, and more efficient harvesting systems, it could all go to waste if crop logistics continue to be neglected.

Fortunately, the agriculture sector can draw on the wealth of knowledge from successful logistics companies in other industries. The logistics industry across Southeast Asia is catching onto key trends and technologies such as digital platforms, data analytics, and information transparency. How can we apply this to the logistics inefficiencies that plague our food supply chain?

In the fourth session of Grow Asia Digital Learning Series in 2020, we will:

  1. Provide an overview of the existing challenges and opportunities for logistics in Southeast Asia

  2. Speak to startups about their approach to disrupting logistics

  3. Explore how crop logistics solutions can be developed based on the lessons learned from the broader logistics industry

Our Speakers

Dan Pathomvanich


NR Instant Produce

Damon Yue

Co-founder and COO,



Head of GoLogistics,


Sharon Jean


Chief Executive Officer, Morination Agricultural Products Inc.

Lim Xin Yi

Executive Director, Sustainability and Agricultural Impact, Pinduoduo

Grahame Dixie

Executive Director,

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