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Grow Asia's objective is to help smallholder farmers in ASEAN achieve greater prosperity and environmental sustainability. One way to do this is by driving the adoption of digital tools.


The Grow Asia Digital Learning Series brings together corporate leaders, agritech startups and ecosystem enablers to learn about emerging technologies and uncover opportunities for scalable, impactful digital solutions that could be adopted by smallholder farmers in ASEAN.


In 2020, Grow Asia and Padang & Co ran four webinars covering topics including Logistics Tech, Smallholder AgriTech Business Models, and reaching out to farmers using chat apps. In 2021, we will continue to explore more topics and share more bite-sized content following our events.

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Grow Asia

Digital Program

The Grow Asia Digital Learning Series is one part of Grow Asia’s broader Digital program. Across six complementary activities, Grow Asia brings together business leaders, development actors and policymakers to accelerate the adoption of digital tools.


Grow Asia’s conversations with the region’s CEOs have revealed they believe digital technologies - such as tools for finance, logistics and learning - are set to positively transform the way smallholders interact with agribusiness. In concert, these tools have the potential to bring greater efficiency to value chains by significantly lowering transaction costs, while improving farmers’ prosperity.

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